Glossary of Search Fields

COEDD contains information submitted to the Comptroller’s office through an electronic reporting form created to comply with Government Code, Chapter 2206, Subchapter D. This glossary provides additional detail on the terms used in COEDD.

Taxpayer ID: Entities are asked to provide their 11-digit Texas Taxpayer ID numbers, if available. COEDD reflects Taxpayer IDs that are available at this time.

Entity Type: Entities are asked to identify themselves as Governmental or Private/Other Non-Governmental, and are further asked to identify themselves as a specific type of entity within one of these two categories.

Condemnation Petition: Entities are asked if they had exercised eminent domain authority in the previous calendar year by the filing of a condemnation petition under Section 21.012, Property Code. This refers to the actual filing of the condemnation petition, rather than activities that may occur before or after the filing of the petition, such as the initial offer to purchase property, or the awarding of damages by a special commissioner’s court.

Date Authority Acquired: Entities are asked to provide the earliest year in which they had eminent domain authority, and if known, the earliest month in which they had eminent domain authority.

Third Party Representation: Individuals completing the form are asked if they are a third party who is filling it out on behalf of the entity they represent, and if so, to provide their relationship to the entity, as well as third party name and contact information.

Report Status: Once submitted to the Comptroller’s office, eminent domain reports are reviewed and approved by Comptroller staff. A report status of Approved indicates that Comptroller staff have approved the report. A report status of Received-Processing indicates that the Comptroller’s office has received the report and that staff are reviewing it; it does not indicate that information in the report is incorrect, only that staff have not yet completed their review.

Report Date: Report date refers to the date a report was submitted to the Comptroller’s office.

Projects: Entities are asked for what projects and/or purposes they have eminent domain authority. Project descriptions are general and may not contain full details on specific projects undertaken by an entity.

Provisions: Entities are asked to provide the provisions of the law that grant them eminent domain authority.