City of Richardson

About This Entity

Category: Governmental
Entity Type: City
Taxpayer ID: 17560006482
Eminent Domain Public Id: 201002062
Eminent Domain Information

Report Year: 2018
Filing Status: Received-Processing
Condemnation Petition Filed in 2017: Yes
Date Authority Acquired: 6/1925
Record last updated: Nov 13, 2017
Physical Address

RICHARDSON, TX 75080-4543
Dallas County
Mailing Address

RICHARDSON, TX 75080-4543
Dallas County
Contact Information

Keith Dagen
Director of Finance


Airports or landing fields
Animal treatment facilities
Hospitals or other health care facilities
Incinerators or garbage disposal plants
Jail or other law enforcement detention facility, including juvenile delinquency facilities
Municipal buildings such as city halls, police stations, fire stations or libraries
Parks or playgrounds
Pipelines or related facilities
Public utilites - natural gas
Public utilities - electric
Public utilities - internet and/or cable
Public utilities - telephone
School buildings or other educational facilities
Shipping terminals or facilities
Streets, boulevards, alleys, or other public ways
Transportation, storage and other processing of oil, gases or substances and derivatives thereof
Water or sewage infrastructure


Government Code
Section 1506.060
Local Government Code
Section 214.136
Local Government Code
Section 251.001
Local Government Code
Section 273.001
Local Government Code
Section 280.001
Local Government Code
Section 331.001
Local Government Code
Section 331.003
Local Government Code
Section 374.015
Local Government Code
Section 392.056
Local Government Code
Section 392.061
Texas Constitution
Article 11, Section 5
Transportation Code
Section 022.011
Transportation Code
Section 224.002
Transportation Code
Section 311.032
Transportation Code
Section 311.092
Water Code
Section 11.033

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